Dankzij de goede kwaliteit en de grote ervaring binnen de markt heeft Beluga zijn welverdiende plaats geclaimd in de harten van wodka-liefhebbers over de hele wereld. Heb je ze geprobeerd? It’s a space occupied by only a few other products.

Beluga Noble Russian Vodka is made using a malt spirit and water from Siberian wells, creating a very smooth vodka. 70cl ... Beluga Allure Vodka Leather Gift Case. vodka Beluga Noble Russian Vodka, Vodka. Informatie. Beluga Noble’s ingredients pass through a strict system of purification and filtration, which guarantees the purity and ultimate quality of … It is subtly flavoured with sugar, honey, oatmeal infusion, holy thistle and vanilla. In de loop der jaren heeft Beluga zich ontwikkeld tot een wereldberoemde Russische wodka. Shop Beluga Noble Vodka at the best prices.

After distillation Beluga undergoes quartz sand filtration and a 30 day resting period.

Like most vodkas, Beluga is made from grain which is naturally fermented and then distilled. Distilled in Siberia, Beluga vodka is produced from 100% wheat grain. 150cl / 40% £84.95 (£56.63 per litre) Beluga Allure 3 Shot Glass Gift Pack.

70cl / 40% £82.95 (£118.50 per litre) Beluga Noble Russian Vodka Magnum. Beluga Noble Russian Vodka is een wodka-merk wiens thuisbasis zich in Rusland bevindt. Wijnkelder: Beluga.

Beluga Gold Line Noble Vodka (40% / 80 proof, $199) puts itself in the ultra-premium/luxury vodka category. Beluga Noble Night Vodka 70cl / 40% £39.95 (£57.07 per litre) Beluga Transatlantic Racing Vodka Gift Box. Beluga Noble vodka combines traditional production techniques with innovative methods to create an exceptionally smooth, full-bodied vodka.

De verfijnde, rijke smaak van Beluga Noble Russian Vodka komt tot stand door zijn unieke samenstelling van malt en het puurste water uit de Siberische artesische bronnen. Beluga Noble Russian Vodka is in productie gegaan in 2002 en wordt gestookt in de Mariinsk Distillery in Rusland. Components are then passed through a triple filtering system and afterwards is left to rest for 30 days helping harsh aromas neutralise and for the spirit to enhance in richness and softness. Deel jouw opinie! Explore thousands of wines, spirits and beers, and shop online for delivery or pickup in a store near you.

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