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If you have any questions about this role, please email Paula McCormack (Space Manager) at the using the subject line: Shop Assistant – Maroubra enquiry via EthicalJobs. Non-member workers depend primarily on the information and support of their employer. Work weekends, evenings and holidays mean they regularly miss out on time with partners, children, grandchildren and friends. It is often absent from family reunions, milestones, social activities and collective events. From time to time, your employer may recognize the need to review changes that need to be made to your workplace, and then take the necessary steps to implement those changes. On February 23, 2017, the Fair Work Commission announced that penalties for Sundays and public holidays will be reduced for workers in the hospitality, retail, pharmacy and fast food sectors. Penalties for catering workers will also be reduced. Saying that you do not agree with the change will not be enough to prevent it. If the change affects you significantly, you need to determine the impact it will have and, as far as possible, determine how the impact could be reduced. Sometimes your employer hasn`t overshadowed the effects you think will happen, so it`s always important to keep the lines of communication open. Polls indicate that most Australians continue to view Sunday as a day of rest or reserved for family and society. A 2015 Essential Media Poll survey found that 81% of respondents believe that those with irregular schedules should receive penalties. 70% of them opposed the reduction of penalties for weekends and holidays.

The role is reported to the store manager. Click here for a copy of the position description. Because if other members have the same problem, then you are not alone and you have a network with which you can talk. The St. Vincent de Paul Society is a leading provider of community support services and has supported disadvantaged people in NSW for more than 130 years. Our employees reach the weakest in our community through our vinnies conferences, special works and stores. Society`s mission is to build a fairer and more compassionate society by offering a hands up approach to those in need who respect their dignity, our hope and encourage them to take control of their own destiny. Modelling by the McKell Institute shows that any reduction in penalty interest rates is expected to result in a significant decline in the regional and rural economy, where nearly one in five workers is employed in hotels and restaurants or retail. In addition to reducing the wages of all workers affected by the penalty interest changes by a total of $667 million, modelling shows that the impact on regional communities will be significant.

The decrease in labour disposable income will reduce spending on local businesses, while at the same time, it is estimated that $289.5 million will be transferred from regional economies, as local businesses do not relocate labour cost savings elsewhere. This will hurt small businesses and local businesses, slow employment growth in regions that, in many cases, are already facing high unemployment, and exacerbate the disadvantages already experienced in regional Australia. If you`re looking for a career that`s worth it in every way, take a look at our job offers. The St. Vincent of Paul Society offers exciting career opportunities for people who want to apply their professional skills in a job that gives back to the community.