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12In the model, we analyze the behaviour of two rational and risk-neutral contracting parties [13]. The initial contract is incomplete because it does not cover all contingencies. As a result, a dispute may arise after the contract has been signed. If the law were safe and complete, it would be easy to resolve this dispute by referring to a statute or precedent. But there are also some loopholes in the law. Therefore, it is possible ex ante is not entirely clear, anyway, the judge will expose the law and apply it to the current contract. The notion of uncertainty that we apply reflects this situation. The parties can face Derine in three respects: the complainant Alexis Degidio presented himself as an exotic dancer at Crazy Horse Saloon and Restaurant. Crazy Horse classified its artists as “independent contractors” and did not pay them. Instead, the artists were compensated by client councils. In August 2013, Degidio filed a class action claiming that Crazy Horse had mis-considered her and other alleged class members to be an independent contractor. She also claimed that the establishment violated the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as certain provisions of South Carolina`s labour law. Crazy Horse has adopted a three-point strategy to defeat Degidio`s claims.

First, Crazy Horse submitted several requests for summary assessment. Second, Crazy Horse has repeatedly asked the District Court to certify the state`s legal issues in the South Carolina Supreme Court. Third, Crazy Horse attempted to impose arbitration on agreements executed long after the complaint began. In deciding to rule on the case, the Tribunal considered whether the compromise clause continued to bind the parties after the termination of the contract and whether the applicant`s FCRA claim fell within the scope of the compromise clause. The court stated that, on the basis of the clear language of the contract, “the parties to the determination of arbitration intend to survive the termination” of the agreement. However, the Tribunal ultimately rejected the arbitration proceedings because the applicant`s claims did not emerge from the agreement and therefore did not fall within the scope of the compromise clause. Parties can still have access to international arbitration benefits for existing litigation by concluding bid agreements 41In contracts the possibility of avoiding the ex-post step by adopting an arbitration clause makes the issue a little more complex than in wrongs.