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Can you help me please, I have a time action by monarch who are now stations and maintenance fees with loan payment are out of control, I have never used it and I have to be done, I can no longer allow you, please, I contacted him recently and they tell me the financial hardness I do not think I should reveal my personal situation w what is the number teie and the phone Diamond Resorts or property back to it DRI has accepted our permission, but what a $1000 processing fee. I read that the others only have to pay $250. What`s with that? Have fun reading Diamond`s many horror stories. I am one of the owners monarch “forced” in diamond by threatening the escalation of fees and the unavailability of reservations if I do not convert. I finally got fed up with the diamond practice of lies, misrepresentations or just stupid advice from unqualified service people, and I decided to take out my wife`s father “generously”, gave us his diamond timeshare, he thought it was less than 1000 a year, we just discovered his more than 3,000 plus 1,000 on the maintenance costs of our home place. I contacted Diamond Resorts International through its feedback process on the website and informed it that at my age (75), I wanted to release my points and follow other holiday options. A week later, a lady from her department called me to limit the damage and told me that since I had paid points and paid maintenance fees, they would accept my release of points if I still wanted to. I said yes, and she said that the sharing documents could be sent to me or emailed. I should sign the documents in front of a notary and return them to the DRI. The trial would last up to 60 days, and I would have to pay the $250 release I accepted.

Over the past 30 years, I have had very good experiences with DRI, especially two weeks of vacation in St. Maarten. I am a retired member who is not related to DRI, except to have been a member. Look at your timeshare status (where you bought). Many states have “some” protections for consumer advocates, but that needs to be deepened. Nevada, where I bought my Diamond Resort TS, has this that can probably apply to 100% of buyers. Point 1 clearly states that if the agent in your sale did not provide or disclose false information. From you, the buyer, they broke the law.

For example, have you been told that your timeshare is a financial investment or that you could always sell? These are blatant lies and misrepresentations. The value of your part-time use devalues at least 50% of the minute you leave the space after signing your contract, and less than 1% of the part-time usage rights are sold successfully. Not to mention that it can be argued that during the place of sale, one was under duress. Most people are forced to give a down payment before a sales pitch and complain that they are being held prisoner for hours, just trying to get their deposit back. Here are some of the NV statutes: NRS 119A.710 Unfair Competition Methods; Deceptive or disloyal acts.  It is illegal to commit unfair competition practices or deceptive or unfair actions in the offer to sell or sell a temporary action, including, but not limited to: 1. Misrepresentation or non-disclosure of essential facts concerning a temporary action.