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The co-marketing agreement should define the resources each company will use for cooperation, including tools, equipment and training. Many companies include these types of agreements to create enthusiasm for their products and services, while minimizing advertising costs. A co-marketing agreement is sometimes called a cooperative marketing agreement or joint marketing agreement. Sometimes consultants and freelancers choose to have a common business themselves. If you are considering partnering with another advisor for a joint marketing campaign, there should be no co-marketing agreement in your company and partner`s protection plan. The contract is also useful to avoid any misunderstanding between the collaborative parties, as it describes the terms of the project from the outset. You should consider using a co-marketing agreement though: Co-branding refers to creating a common product or product group to offer additional benefits to customers, while co-marketing campaigns are used to promote this type of offer and share the rewards of their collaborative promotion. PandaTip: These terms are generally used for co-marketing agreements. We advise your legal counsel to have them checked to make sure they meet your business needs. Before entering into a marketing promotion or joint campaign with another company, you should develop a co-marketing agreement to avoid misunderstandings and set collaborative goals. These agreements are often used for joint sales or marketing campaigns, or when a company starts selling its products in another company`s storefront.

Both parties agree to carry out and apply the following responsibilities under this joint marketing agreement: joint marketing agreements can range from very simple to very complex depending on the nature of the cooperation project. In many cases, it consists of an autonomous agreement with clauses that describe the different conditions of cooperation. Aspects of the joint marketing agreement should include: this co-marketing agreement is a contract that defines how two companies exchange materials, tools and training to market each other`s products or services. Under this agreement, marketing partners can organize joint marketing events or perform promotions or joint sales. In return for assistance, each marketing partner is entitled to a percentage of the total revenue it generates directly with the products or services of the other marketing partner, in addition to a percentage of all sales made with the product or service provider resulting from joint marketing efforts. A co-marketing agreement can help a company reduce advertising costs, as marketing partners collectively share the costs of all marketing promotions or events. This agreement allows both companies to define the payment rules, the marketing field, of how disputes are handled under other fundamental conditions of the service contract.